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Tupac Amaru Shakur created the word Killuminati by combining the words 'Kill' and 'Illuminati'.

Many people speculate that this is Tupac trying to fight against the Illuminati, although IT IS NOT.

If any people were true Tupac fans, they would know that he did NOT believe in the Illuminati, and that this word actually meant to kill the hype surrounding the Illuminati. While Pac was in prison, he did not read about this organization, he was told about it from inmates, and he thought that it was stupid, and that the thought of it was weighing down society.

Today, conspiracy theorists have completely destroyed Tupacs original definition, so they can try to promote their bullshit views on a dead organization, because they are blind to these real problems we are facing.

Every definition, except one, is promoting this fake meaning, and I am outraged to think that there are possibly thousands of Tupac fans who now have the wrong impression about him.

Pac spoke to the people and he spoke real, about the real world issues that we face, which is exactly why he decided to create the saying Killuminati.

If you still are not convinced, PAC SAID IT HIMSELF.

2pac talks about the illuminati (he did not believe interview proof) :


5.30 - 6.15

We need to realize that the world is full of problems, without us creating fictional ones. Pac is gone, but his message lives on. Its time for us to deliver it.
Tupac - "Thats why i put the k to it, because the niggas is telling me about this illuminati shit while i was in jail.
Like the diamonds and all that.
Thats another way to keep your self esteem low, THAT ANOTHER WAY TO KEEP YOU UNCONFIDENT.
And I'm putting the K because I'm killing that Illuminati shit!" (Killuminati)

dirtyspic (youtube) - "Killing the fictional group of people (in his mind) whos creation was made to keep what he deemed his people unconfident and with a low self esteem. Worried about their future, feeling hopeless about the future instead of living in the present... trying to change the world."
by devestationofrevelation January 17, 2012
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