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One of the worst genres of music known to man. Unoriginal, bland, and easy to write, dubstep mainly consists of a boring house melody and a "bass drop", which is basically a random bass line that has nothing to do with the other parts of the song, proving even further that dubstep "artists" have no real musical ability. Basically, dubstep is electronic music's version of metalcore, an equally unoriginal and talentless subgenre of metal music. Dubstep is mainly enjoyed by college "bros" and scene kids. Comments on dubstep YouTube videos generally involve a listener having to take a certain course of action to clean themselves after listening to a "dirty" bass drop. These comments, like the music itself, are unoriginal and useless. Overall, dubstep is a musical fad that will be completely over in a few years tops.
Dubstep fan: "0mg th4t dr0p w45 s0 d1rty 1 h4d t0 t4k3 a sh0w3r!111!11!1onethree"

Person with an IQ of over 50: "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."
by derpstep July 23, 2011

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