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a song created be dj unk.
also along with the song is a dance which people call the walk it out but is ACTUALLY the west side walk not pool palace thats the westside walk in a circle]

and 4 the fag that wrote this...gayest song in the universe. lyrics go as follows: "Now wakitow. wakitow. now wakitow. wakitow. wessiwaki. salsa waki. eetsa waki. norsa waki......"

'What is the gayest song in the universe?'
"Walk it Out by Unk"

dumbass the lyrics are like this:
now walk it out walk it out walk it out..westside walk it out southside walk it eastside walk it out nothside walk it out
do you know how to do the walk it out dance?
by deidra April 01, 2007

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