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Whitley Bay is a town in the North East of England.

It is mainly populated by skanky little slags and boys who wear toms, chinos and denim shirts. It is popular on stag dos as everyone likes to play PULL A PIG with the disgusting local sluts.

Get down to Deep for a bit of fingering on the stage, its an absolute dream, if you like a bit of privacy, the toilets in 42nd street are a fairly safe option, the bouncers don't really care, sometimes they might join in.

Famous "local celebs" include Jonny Decker and Ashley, the vicar, off of Emmerdale.
I had a bangin' night in some little town last night, some lass stuck her finger up me arsehole, she wasn't wearing any trousers.

Yeah, must have been Whitley Bay.
by definition. January 1, 2012