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A person lacking in skill or a high level who wishes nothing more than to be retarded and not cooperate with you. A noob comes from a newb, which is someone new to a game and wants to get better. A noob, however, does not. They generally can be very ignorant and annoying and probably will never leave you alone
Newb:Hey guys, where is the sniper rifle at?

High level:It's just over here, follow me.

Newb:Thanks!(newb leaves happily killing)

Noob:J00 N00B! 7H@T W@5 MAI SNIP3R R1FFL3 WHY D1D YU G1VE 1T T0 THT N00B! IT W4S M@1N3!!!!1!!!ONE!!!!11!!11!!!!!

High level:Go bug someone else Noob
by deeeeeeeeeeeeeep June 04, 2010

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