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A kick-ass female hunter on the show Supernatural. Lived with her Mom, Ellen at the Roadhouse until she decided that she wanted to go out hunting on her own. She carries around a knife that was her dad's William Anthony Harvelle. Jo's dad and John Winchester where friends and John had to shoot Bill after a demon attacked him and Ellen thinks that it was John's fault and she doesn't want her daughter to hunt or have anything to do with Dean. Jo was sort of childish when we first meet her becasue she thinks hunting is glamorous. She likes Dean and he likes her too but doesnt want her to get hurt. When Sam gets possesed he goes to Jo because the demon knows that Dean cares for Jo and that it will be hard for him to choose between Jo and Sam. Dean saves Jo and then Jo saves Dean from the water.
She is still out there hunting.
Jo is really the only girl Dean can have a relationship with because they have the same background.
Dean: Shoulda cleaned the pipes.
Jo: What?
Dean: The pipes they are dirty.
Jo: Shut up.

Dean sings REO Speedwagon even though he hates it becasue he can't get it out of his head. (it makes him think of Jo Harvelle)
by deansmistress22 February 11, 2009

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