17 definition by deX

What robot overlords do to you when they are about to own you, and your planet
Helpless human #1 "Did you see that? Those damn robot overlords went all Emotionless on yo"

Helpless human #2 "and how!"
by Dex September 26, 2004

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The legendary chat on aim. You can go to it on "DS" on aim. You probally can not go in. You are not great. You are a bug. You can not go into DS. Dex9001X owns it. Trippin123987 is a faggot. I am not Dex9001X but I want to be him so mother fucking badly. DS>LUE
Want to go to DS chat. I am bored lets DS. Lets go to DS. I pwn you in DS.
by Dex December 30, 2004

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Pills....Ecstacy or any drug in pill form speed or lsd
Get me some jubblies bruv
These jubblies are great
Im fucked on jubblies
by DeX April 10, 2003

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