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A high velocity dual-angle (two-part/"split") cumshot created by the force of ejaculate around the cum-stuck center of the linear accelerator nozzle (cock-hole), resulting in a double splat of giz, typically on the face and headboard, the hair on both sides of the face, or in both eyes. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH Cuban Missle Crisis.

See also... Adam Splitter.
I narrowly missed a facial, lastnight, when David pulled out and shot an atom splitter... I had to wash BOTH pillow cases!
by dbodude February 15, 2012
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The extreme burning pain in the ass caused by:

a) undigested ass-raping habanero pepper chemicals

passing the sphincter.

b) unlubricated ass-scraping friction of a cock in the butt.

c) excessive ass-wiping while cleaning up a stubborn

morning-after spicy dinner shit.
"I am getting too old for hot salsa... gives me assid burn by


"Spit on it, dickhead... you're giving me a fucking assid


"Bloody hell! I've given myself assid burn wiping up the damn

jalapeno bean dip that came down the pipe, this morning!"
by dbodude April 02, 2013
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