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Best actor on abc family's Pretty Little Liars. Currently portrays Spencer Hastings. Has a dope body, dope sense of humor, dope laugh, dope smile, dope hair, dope personality. Oh, and she uses the word "dope" a lot, but that's why she's so dope. She is just so amazing that she even makes some girls question their sexual orientation. She has a unique beauty which you may not notice at first, but once you think about it, you're like, OMG SHE IS SO AMAZING I LOVE HER SO SO SO SO MUCH!!

"You are going to watch the show and you are going to like it. Otherwise I'm gonna come in to your living room through the TV like that girl in The Ring and I'm gonna scare the beejeezus out of you, do not put it past me! No really, it's a dope show, you're gonna like it" - Troian Bellisario
-Isn't Troian Bellisario just the most amazing person on Earth?

-Why yes, yes she is.
by dancergirl626 September 06, 2012

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