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A game played in school when a friend or otherwise rapes your face (not actual rape). There are 3 level. All must be accompanied by the shout of FACE RAPE!
Regular face rape: Running your hand down someones face.
Friendly face rape: Licking oneshand and wiping down your raperees face.
Sexual face rape: The licking of your raperees cheek (use only on those you know well)
Dan:Fern just face raped me.
Katie: Regular or friendly?
Dan: Friendly.
Katie: Get her back with a sexual.
by dan'spillow May 26, 2007
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A 'game' made up by the students of Swanmead community school in their 8th year. There was a girl at school second name Sherman who got picked on. For some reason her name has been connected with the game of smacking someone on the head and shouting sherman. It transforms into a game by people getting Sherman revenge. If you don't shout Sherman it is just bullying and that will not be tolerated.
Note: Has noe spread from these evil little bastartds to the whole of Wadham school.
*smacks friend on forhead shouts sherman and runs away*
by dan'spillow May 26, 2007
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