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a country that doesnt exist. its proper name is the illegally occupied six counties in the north of ireland,their "national football team" is made up mostly of players in englands 2nd division and players in the irish league as for the limited supporters they could easily fill an olympic sized swimming pool(preferably with bricks tied to their feet).most catholics in the north support the far superior republic football team and despise the 6 counties team even wanting england to win when they play the 6 counties. chief export: labourers and whingers, chief import: semtex and weapons and money grabbing wannabee landlord ex-patriots. main income is tourism, but avoid the giants causeway it is absolute shite, as is belfast(all except for the catholic parts of west belfast).
"so jackie fullerton, what did you make of northern irelands performance?.
"well i have to say what a glorious match by our boys, defended well and played brilliantly"
"aye jackie, but we were beat 12 nil by the bulgarian paralympic girls team".
by da original playa June 02, 2006
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waking up in the morning having a sore head a mouth like a badgers hole and having bloody knuckles. praying that you fell but having a vague recollection of punching somebody in the face.
fuck man i was so pissed last nite i think i smacked somebody i punch drunk some dick.
yesth assthole it wasth me.
by da original playa June 02, 2006
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