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1). Friday is that special day of the week when kids go crazy for cartoons, and adults go drunk at night. TGI Fridays is usually blamed for the drunk people, not Ruby Tuesdays (no one really cares about Tuesdays), TGI Fridays. Cartoon Network is blamed for kids with an overly obsessed cartoon urges every Friday night.

2).Friday can be defined as the 6th day of the week (Friday... 6... nothing in common), sometimes lucky, sometimes unlucky.

2.b).Unlucky Fridays? Unlucky Fridays are known as Friday the 13th! there's a minimum of 1 Friday the 13th a year. Friday the 13th is that day when people gets crazy and mess up a lot, very stereotypical... wow.
1. Its Friday time!
2. Dude! tomorrow's Friday!
3. You fucked up last Friday the 13th.
by d4rk_l1gh7 June 10, 2009

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1. When your cup makes you LOL
2. When your cup LOLs at you
3. When your Coffee Smiles
4. A competition to determine the LOL masters
1. lol, the lolcup is loling at ya
2. im gonna copete in the lolcup
by d4rk_l1gh7 June 05, 2010

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