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Centreville, Maryland is perhaps the most boring and undiverse destination on the planet.

Despite what home developers might try to tell you, this town is located about 20 minutes from Kent Island and Easton, 40 minutes from Annapolis, and an hour or so from DC, Baltimore, and Ocean City.

Centreville consists mainly of corn fields, farms, and a few new developments.
Queen Anne's County High School has a student population of about 1,175. QA football is no joke. The Lions' main rival is Kent Island, and random acts of vandalism by students are not uncommon.
Rednecks swarm in the Food Lion/McDonald's parking lot on weekend nights. You probably can't go out without seeing someone you know.
We trick our trucks out...straight pipes, modified exhaust, jacked up tires.
Hunting and fishing are extremely popular.

The term "chicken neckers" was coined by Eastern shore natives to describe residents who moved from "the western shore" (Annapolis, PG County, etc).

Circle and Little Kidwell are probably the only places you'll be able to buy drugs.

Watch out for monstrous tractors on the road that might run you over.

These Centreville kids don't know how to party.
by cville_xo_hunniie<333333333333 September 14, 2008

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