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Slang for masturbation. Rumoured to come from the Gearhead himself.
Noel: doing anything tomorrow mate?
Goslin: Nah, just gonna juggle my chicken for a bit.
by cumwhore69 April 13, 2017

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No one really knows what this one means, Goslin just said it one time.
Banks: Fuckin' ell Goslin what've you been doing all day??
Goslin: Dunno mate, I've just been juggling me chicken
by cumwhore69 April 13, 2017

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A bald headed bellend who has a 2 inch knob and thinks he can bang loads of girls that have big tits.
Megan: Whoa, look at that guy over there!
Lauren: Yeah, that guy's a total Charlie Dudley.
by cumwhore69 March 26, 2013

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