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1. to kill oneself, especially over something trivial

2. someone who kills himself, especially over something trivial

The term originated in a poorly written eulogy posted on the MySpace memorial page of a boy who shot himself after he lost his iPod. The poem frequently referred to the boy as "an hero." Though the use of "an" with words beginning with 'h' is acceptable when the letter is silent--as in many varieties of British English--it was incorrect in this case, since the author did not write the rest of the poem in British English. The use of "an" before "hero" might also be inferred to be a careless error from the many other instances of poor style and grammar found in the rest of the source material.

The term subsequently gained wide acceptance as a means to refer to those, such as the aforementioned boy, who kill themselves. Though the term is frequently applied to people who kill themselves needlessly, many famous, easily justifiable suicides are regarded as an heroes (e.g. Adolf Hitler).

Considering its origins, the term should be used with caution. Most are unfamiliar with the term, and those who are familiar with it may be offended at its use, especially when it is used in reference to a deceased loved one.
He was such an hero, to take it all away ... He was an hero, to take that shot, to leave us all behind ... He was an hero, to take that shot, In life it wasn't his task, He shouldn't have had to go that way, before an decade'd past. ... Lacking, nevermore, He died an hero, Mitchell did, And we'll love him forevermore.

Robert an heroed himself on live television.
by cummy_fingers May 23, 2010

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