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A Community College in and around San Luis Obispo, California. Cuesta is affectionately (or not so affectionately) referred to as Harvard by the Highway, Princeton by the Prison, Yale by the Jail, UCC, UC Cuesta, and UCQ. It's a good school, that (from what I've heard) has a good nursing program. Students who choose to save their parents (or themselves) thousands of dollars per year get unnecessary flak from jealous kids whose parents forked over large sums of cash to send them straight to four year schools. Cuesta College has some excellent professors and a few mediocre ones. Contrary to beliefs held by some, it is possible to get out of Cuesta in two years, and many of the students are quite ambitious and/or didn't slack off in high school. Cougar pride!!!
I got good grades and took AP classes in high school, and I'm going to Cuesta College because I don't want to make my parents broke.

AND I'm laughing in your face because I'm taking the same general ed classes as you, but for a fraction of the price.

(From 2 actual conversations)
"Yeah I'm going to college; I go to Cuesta!"
"Yeah, but you're only going to junior college."

"Are you going to Cuesta? That's cool, you're taking the easy way."
by cuestastudentandproudofit October 12, 2011
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