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They eat lots of rice,beans and porc meat. They love parties,drinking,dancing(they r very good at it) and whatever involves sexy bitches, they are a race of sex adicts and they don't go out with anyone easely they have high espectatives to their girlfriends basicly they have to be extremely fit and sexy and hot. they will be a get around for a relationship but be careful they have skills at making you full in love with them and they also have skills at knowing what you are thinking about and they can esaly read your mind even if you don't know them very well, they will make laugh even if they are trying to annoy you, their most common name is Jose and normally they are sexy, their not easely impressed and they are not esay to annoy because apparently they like to live their lifes as best as possible. they like to dress tight and some of them like rappers they like to listen to reggeaton and disco music and whatever is good to dance in a party. they love hot wether and hate cold due to their wether in cuba. i don't know if im wrong but for me being a fu*king manwhore that goes out with anyone is bad yeh? well they think that the one that goes out with the most girls and has the biggest co*k and fuc*s the most is the coolest.i could keep talkin about the for a whole day but i can't be asked lol and i know all this because i live in miami where 90% of the people are cuban
by cubanlover1000000 November 12, 2010

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