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An amazing friend who makes you feel extreemly self-confident, and is always there to help you. She's weird and not afraid to show it. She's an amazing writer who always knows just what to say. She's tough and hates to show any sign of weakness. She makes a fantastic best friend, and a friend that anyone would be lucky to have.
She views herself differently than the rest of the world. She views herself as a crazy, short, polite, bitchy, and emotional girl. The world views her as polite, amazing, beautiful, hyper, sarcastic, and very non-bitchy.
Person 1: "So what did you think of my friend Katie?"
Person 2: "I thought she was a very nice and polite girl. She definatly sounds like a fantastic best friend. You are lucky to have her."
Person 1: "I know."
by crzychick:D February 08, 2010

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