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Very well built cars made from the 60's to 70's which have steadily decreased in quality since their prime 35+ years ago. To most who own an american made car with a v8, owning a piece of american history gives them the authority to bash on any other foreign manufacturer including anything made in Europe or Japan, and mostly anything with less than 8 cylinders. So what's the difference between your standard meat head who drives a TA and your so-called "ricer". the difference is the dude pulling mid 9's at the 1320 in his single cam, N/A, 4cyl., honda insight (if you don't believe it, search yotube "bisimoto insight") is the same dude who will appreciate the culture and engineering involved in your 1972 442. He will also have the knowledge to have an intelligent conversation with you about your compression ratio and the torque numbers you produced on the dyno. On the other hand, your standard american muscle head will call you a "ricer" simply for having an "H" on your hood while completely ignoring the fact that you spent countless hours and paychecks making sure your motor could keep up with his 442, and not spending your money on useless things like a 3' wing, over the top ricer body kit, 18" chrome wheels, and under glow. It's called mutual respect, and eventually, some will have to face the fact that the CRX sitting next to them at the light just might be able to blow their doors off or at least keep up with their v8. Just sayin... :)
"No matter how much I will ever be into japanese and european tuning, I will always have respect for american muscle"

"I've never loved anything other than american muscle, thats why i bought a body kit for my sons cavalier" <---heard that one before haha fail...
by crvb20z August 16, 2010
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