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A match up of the underdog and the most worshiped team in the U.S.

Should be considered a Nationwide holiday, but sadly isn't.

The whole reason for having a Superbowl party is to drink beer, yell loudly for no reason, fight with the neighbors over what team will win, ingest so much food that you will be full for 3 weeks, watch stupid commercials and laugh uncontrollably at how they make no sense, and to make ridiculous bets that will have your co-workers laughing at you for over 6 months.
I cheered on the Jets for the superbowl. I drank 3, 24 packs for beer and during the commercial breaks I yelled across the street how the patriots were losing at the neighbors.
by cromig March 14, 2009
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An emo weapon that is used instead of a knife. It is almost like a spork, only better.
"I will stab you with my knike. Don't test me!"
by cromig March 13, 2009
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