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A teenage white girl who likes to post depressing selfies and put a quote that's supposed to be inspirational and inspire people and make them either:
A. Fall in love, or
B. Not kill themselves
Or song lyrics as the caption. They are usually very pretty, but if someone comments on their picture like "You're so pretty!", they'll be like "I'm nowhere near pretty, but you're gorg!" They post pictures of their food and Starbucks, too. Oh yea, and they write in all lowercase. They'll never admit their a tumblr girl and they are either hippies or emo girls. They like vintage clothes by the way.
Tumblr girl: *Takes selfie wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts, looking to the distance and not smiling in front of a brick wall. Posts selfie. Sets caption as "I'll wait for you forever, because I honestly don't want anybody else"*
Normal girl: *Comments on picture* "OMG you're so gorgeous!!"
Tumblr girl: "I'm far from gorgeous, but you're perf♡"
by crocs > uggs December 30, 2013

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