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A small amount of sperm on a partner's upper lip. The Vanilla Hitler can be the product of
1. Partner A climaxing on Partner B's face facial or
2. Partner B not being able to take in the entire load during fellatio. Blow job
Person 1: I was aiming for her mouth but shot a little high.
Person 2: What happened?
Person 1: Vanilla Hitler.
by crassy-crass April 27, 2009
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A contraction of the words "skinny" and "chubby". Used to describe a woman who is thin, but has absolutely no muscle tone, giving her a somewhat flabby appearance despite her being skinny.
A: That girl has a pretty good body.
B: Why because she's thin? She looks a little jello-y.
A: I can see that now.
B: Dude, she's totally skubby.
by crassy-crass August 03, 2010
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