3 definitions by craphole dikrats

47 year old broadway actor, self proclaimed egg, top tier singer❗️❗️❗️
me: yo did you see christian borle?
friend: no? why?
me: well he shaved his egg and now he looks like an egg
friend: oh wow he went from looking like the flushed away rat to humpty dumpty
by craphole dikrats April 3, 2021
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a podcast hosted by jeff blim and jon matteson. rim tim timmy being jeff blim’s alter ego. rim tim also bullies and embarrasses jon a lot.
hey did you see the newest episode of rim tim timmy’s fun time hour? rim tim was fucking feral.
by craphole dikrats May 14, 2020
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actor who works with team starkid. he’s played voldemort, dick, dolores umbridge, commander up, batman, tom riddle, achmed (yes i remember him), tarkin, ducker, and the deadliest man alive. he also looks really fucking good in short shorts
starkid fan: hey did you see a very potter musical? voldemort was the best character

normal person: no- who played voldemort
normal person: wh- ok
by craphole dikrats May 15, 2020
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