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Highly underestimited people. yes we may like NASCAR, hunting, and fishing and things of that sort, but we are also some of the most dependable people to count on in a tough place. Mainly because since we were raised in the South we have what you call "Southern Hospititaly" which means if someone needs help you help them as they would do the same for you if you needed it. Yes we may scrutinize against yankees and some African Americans because we don't see they're acting proper. The so-called "dumbass rednecks" most talk about are the poorly raised and uncivilized sorta that we care to catorgize as "Hillbillys". And just to let you know a redneck wrote this so this proves that sterotyping us as dumb adn unintelligent is unjust because I have just contridicted that.
Please try to get to know a person before you sterotype them as rednecks!!!!
by cowgirlup_2008 September 23, 2005
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