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A most deprived sexual act known to men and moose anywhere. Is a cleveland steamer variation, where at the beginning of sexual act, one partner (preferably a moose) takes a dump on the other.
After this, the shit is soaked in maple syrup and put outside/into the fridge. After several minutes of wild sex with the moose, you take the frozen dump out, and use it as an oral dildo, enjoying it's sweet taste while you gag on it.

Originally it used to be a threesome. Based on gender of the moose and other partners, they would enjoy either a double penetration, or one would use a Stanley Cup as an anal dildo.

Note! This cleveland steamer variation does not allow a steamroll combo! The shit will be too hard and will not smear as effectively + it's really hard to train a moose that way (although there were claims that this is possible with reindeer's) .
<A> Man, you've heard about that sick fuck from Canada?
<B> Dunno, some say he's a coprophiliac, and some that zoophiliac. You know which?
<A> Dude! He's been through whole Canada's History!
<B> Oh man, and he startet off by liking the beaver more than usual.
by cor-m March 02, 2010

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