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A sarcastic way of saying bullshit, as in saying "bullshit, fantastic!" Usually used alone as an exclamation after the occurrence of a negative or disagreeable event.
*after Tigers lose in 6th inning due to rain with go ahead run at the plate*

"That's bullshitastic dude"

*teenagers in a shitty car in a liquor store parking lot*
Adam: Dude Carl won't sell me any 40s.
Bob: What? He's your brother dude he knows we ain't gonna get caught.
Adam: He says they know.
Bob: That's bullshitastic! Now what?
by coonka July 31, 2012

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1. smokeless tobacco
2. snuff
3. chew
4. lip dip
I was taking a dump, looking at a playboy, and having a who-ha. It was the greatest thing ever.
by coonka March 17, 2005

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