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Verbal Masturbation is commonly found amoung the arrogant, highly self absorbed people.
when you verbally masturbate, you essentially puke out the most disgustingly boring things about yourself, and you only ever talk about how great you are, or how great your life is, blahblahblah.
a common feeling amoung the ill-faited audience of a verbal masturbater is the hard to ignore urges to slice off the offenders head, put it in a blender, and then feed it to dogs. and if they are REALLY not worth it, feed the head to homeless people, as they will take anything.
"That prick over there kept verbally masturbating, and had me snoring for an hour."
"Man, that chick is so hot, i'm gonna do the verbal masturbation all over her to show her how HOT i am"
by coocoocachoo December 01, 2005
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The biggest cow you'd ever meet. Has a tendancy to be stuck on issues for years to come. Is a very hated person in the social world, but in her own world, is the top dog. the onyl truth in this, is yes, she is a dog.
'Ew you're so Jelena, do me a favour and stop breathing.'
by coocoocachoo March 29, 2005
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