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A terribly overrated comedian and joke thief whose popularity is in large part due to the teenage girl-fueled bandwagon and slick marketing of the MTV generation. This guy wouldn't have even registered in the radar 10 years ago, but since mediocrity is the norm now, his desperately-pathetic-attention-seeking form of comedy has gained him a devoted fanbase- most of them consisting of gay men, horny menstrating women and TRL-loving idiots who wouldn't know funny if it bit them in the ass. His moronic brand of humor is best suited inside alcohol-soaked fraternities or wherever else lower-IQ idiots who don't know shit about comedy congregate.
Take Jerry Seinfeld's observational schtik, remove all of the actual punch lines, combine it with Jim Carrey's over-the-top goofball antics that were mildly amusing in the early 90s, and viola = Dane Cook.
by comedyfan February 24, 2006
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