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Blissipline is the combination of Bliss and Discipline.
The term is used in the context of being in the now (bliss) as you strive towards achieving your goals (which takes discipline).
With blissipline you no longer pursue your goals with grim determination or use fear to motivate you. Instead there is a joyous energy behind everything you do. You are in the now, and the steps towards your goal are the blissful journey, rather than a means to an end.
by colettekenney April 06, 2010
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Selfosophy is the combination of Self and Philosophy.

Where philosophy is the study of basic concepts such as truth, existence, reality, causality, and freedom.
Applied to the Self, Selfosophy is the study of your own personal truth and the revealing of the purpose of your existence. Once you no longer identify with your mind you tap into your inner wisdom. With complete awareness and presence you see the causality of your actions, you create your desired reality, and you experience true freedom.
by colettekenney April 06, 2010
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