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She holds her head up high.She doesn't waddle in pity;
or sit back and cry.She's a real woman, a survivor.She can stand on her own feet.With God by her side,she can't be beat.She's a real woman who has courage, spunk and grace.
Even when she's down,she has a smile upon her face.
Ruun walks into a crowded elegant restaurant and suddenly the world stops spinning for what it seems to be an eternity
with beauty and brains to match it. A woman who is true to herself.
by coke bottle February 03, 2010
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A typical Leonnie is a dirty little fungus who doesn't wash their hair and drinks alot
"God, she is so greasy.."
"I know right and what's that she's drinking?"
"She is such a Leonnie"
by Coke Bottle February 20, 2012
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