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What hipsters called each other in the 18th century instead of "dude."
"Voltaire, I'm so high right now."

Source: Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell

"Yale was founded by finicky Protestants who worried that the Puritans at Harvard weren't puritanical enough. But the Revolutionary War brought the Age of Reason to New Haven, and (Timothy) Dwight (Jonathan Edwards' grandson) inherited a student body full of deist beatniks on the Enlightenment highway to hell, which is to say, France. This generation did not just read Voltaire - they literally addressed each other as 'Voltaire' the way kids today call one another dude. Like, 'Voltaire, I'm so high right now.'"
by clockerb August 19, 2011

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The true essence of Facebook.
Zen Master: Show me your Original Facebook.

Student: Fuckedbook.

Zen Master: You have perceived the True Essence, Grasshoppa.
by clockerb June 14, 2009

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