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A Ben Folds fan randomly yelled this at one of his concerts in Chicago. Ben made up a song about it on the spot, and since then it became a signature tune of Ben Folds at his live shows. A friend of Ben Folds made him a bet that he couldn't change the tune of Rock This Bitch at every show for an entire year. He took on the bet, and everytime he played Rock This Bitch, he changed the tune and lyrics, doing a country version, a polka version, and many other variations, like Rock Out With Your Cock Out and even did it to The Weather Channel music. However, he grew pretty tired of the song after a while and officially retired Rock This Bitch while playing with The Western Australian Symphony Orchestra in Perth.
Fan in the audience: Rock this bitch. Rock this bitch!
Ben Folds: Rock this bitch?
Fan in the audience (along with even more fans): ROCK THIS BITCH!!!
Ben Folds: Okay.
by cliffdickens July 05, 2006
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