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A true prep, obviously goes to either an east coast boarding school (Choate, Taft, Miss Porters, etc) or a very good private school near their hometown. Being preppy is not only about clothes, but if it was a true prep would rather eat fast food then shop at abercrombie! modern day preps typically go for j crew, lilly, polo, rainbow flops and various small designer items usually bought at an upscale department store (neimans or saks). Preps do not hang out at the local mall, they relax at the country club or (if one lives near the shore), yacht club. However, most of you lower middle class americans possess a skewed vision of what a prep is. a prep is NOT some over tanned, streaky blonde haired, american eagle wearing slut that goes to public school.
if your reading this, theres a 97% chance you are not a true prep. if you are, all the best to you.
by cld<3NANTUCKET November 08, 2005

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