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Public school in northwestern Connecticut. Prides itself on a lack of ceilings, random bomb threats, a series of nuclear fallout shelter tunnels, knife-wielding students, and at least one teacher who breaks and enters.
"And I'd like to congratulate the 1% of Torrington High Schools's graduating class who are not going on to UConn, Central Connecticut, NCCC-- or McDonalds."
-Principal LeDuc
by Class of '04 February 17, 2005

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the best private school in bryn mawr representing a sense of person within each girl behind that gray colored kilt. Sacred Heart not only shows how each girl they picked to represent their school is so incredibly awesome, but how only the best of the best go there. point being... nothings better than sha.
the class of '04 made everything there better. they not only taught the youngens how to defy the law that is cdssh but they followed in previous footsteps and represented the school with independence and ability to do everything possible in life.
by class of '04 March 23, 2005

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