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noun. verb. adverb. all of the above; (pronounced POHG)A derogatory elitist term/acronym originating in Ireland but severely outdated and used by such entities as the US Marine Corp, US Navy, US Army Infantry(11B) to elevate soldier, marine, sailor to an otherwise irrelevant position in order to (IOT) sound somehow superior to said party IOT make soldier sailor marine feel better about his stupid choice of being a grunt instead of Civil Affairs or PSYOP. Also, in some circles, such as Fort Bragg, NC used synonomously with the word LEG. see LEG non-airborne qualified FOBbit REMF
How dare you walk on my Airborne Infantry maroon beret(in some cases, Green Beret) land you Pogue!
by civilianindisguise July 18, 2010
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