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someone who sucks and cant ever say anything positive ever. an angry hipster, and product of self loathing that ensued after years and years hating.

any average hipster coming down off a night of cocaine use and the beers all gone and its too late to buy more.
i made this hatester some breakfast once, including omelet with cheese potatoes and bacon, english muffins and fruit.
by civilian601 March 09, 2012

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A wadded up ball of napkin or paper towel that you carry around in your palm for a long time. The carrier of a handkin will do all sorts of work and even engage in conversation with others whilst concealing their handkin. Long since expired and forgotten since it's initial use, the handkin is thus an object one wields unknowingly, and will eventually be reluctant to part with.
The dead giveaway guy has a handkin
by civilian601 May 03, 2020

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