5 definitions by cirkle k

The Jeep Cherokee is the preferred ride of white trash women and men. Often seen toting around with one or more of their welfare babies.
Not all Cherokees are driven by white trash but all white trash drive a Cherokee.
by cirkle k December 02, 2011
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Friendly, accommodating and often outwardly pleasant however harbors a deep resentment towards the ways of the world. You cannot give empathy to or trust a backstabbing ingrate. Everything you share will be repeated to others and used against you in one way or another. A backstabbing ingrate will always return to what they know best; often a white trash upbringing surrounded by alcoholism and family disfunction. When you feel the sting of betrayal you know you have met a backstabbing ingrate.
I am not interested in what she does anymore and don't care what happens to her. She is poor white trash and a backstabbing ingrate, and always will be.
by cirkle k October 12, 2011
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Longterm resident of subsidized housing having welfare babies one after another while lowlife boyfriend or loser husband stays home and refuses to look for work and support family. One or both are running a long term disability or welfare fraud. Always in possession of a tricked out cell phone to call her single mom, poor white trash friends who also have at least one welfare baby of their own. Can be seen driving a Jeep Cherokee while on the way to a local Bob's store to buy athletic jerseys for loser husband.
That apartment complex is for Poor White Trash.
by cirkle k August 06, 2011
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Concoction of coffee with extra sugar and extra cream. How poor white trash like their coffee. Can be heard ordering this at your local Dunkin Donuts.

"Extra, Extra". Sometimes to make it fancy they will order it with melted sugar.
"I'll have a large hot coffee. Extra Extra please with melted sugar!"
by cirkle k November 02, 2011
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subsidized housing living, HUD, section 8 female with loser boyfriend or good for nothing layabout husband with a perpetual disability scam having babies on welfare
preferred ride of the white trash woman is the Jeep Cherokee
by cirkle k August 05, 2011
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