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when you are getting your dick sucked by a girl, you realize that you want to film it on your phone or camera, right before you cum on her face you turn the most potent flash on, blinding her so that she cant tell that the load is coming her way, so she has no expectations and is further blinded by the load. this is The Fucking Paparazzi
my girl is mad and temporally blinded, i think i successfully carried out the paparazzi
by cimex April 26, 2013

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A term used to describe an unattractive person.

Polar opposite of "Cute as a button"

Rachel: "You're cute as a button, Paul."

Caitlin: "No he's not."

Paul: "Shut up Caitlin, if you were a button you'd be the least attractive button. You'd be the button on the crotch of someone's pants. You'd be a crotch button!"
by Cimex September 07, 2009

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