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a typical serbian manuever. you act like a hooligan and tell the girl what a dumpster she is, maybe adding a "don't flatter yourself baby", basically putting the girl in place before you put it in her place. this is usually followed by an dirty aunt jemima or an angry fireman
Phillip: Wow, that girl just ran out of here crying, what happened.
Chris: oh its no big deal she just got a little out of hand so she had to get the dirty ilija.
Graig: Yea, but the aunt jemima to follow might have been a little much.
by chucktown November 11, 2006
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this is a large, northern, raging hairy sasquatch. usually he will be very drunk and easily enraged. he might have a jets jersey on. You have to watch him because he will be smiling and playing it cool, but next thing you know he's pummeling you on the kitchen floor.
PHILLIP: Wow,ole zeus is sure running his mouth.
CHRIS: He better watch out for a beating from angry graig!
by chucktown November 11, 2006
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