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population 0 - refers to a small town that has less than 100 full time residents. It implies no one really lives there. It is used to denote that no one would ever want to either.
Friend One: Hey why don't we go cruising through La Crosse?

Friend Two: Why would you want to do that? There's nothing to do there. What is it, like population 0 or something?

Friend One: Even better no cops to catch me when I speed around the curves!
by chuckiesuptownwhore December 24, 2012

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A boxerhound is a woman that enjoys having sex with penises.
an example,

Dude One: Hey that chick was really coming onto me hard, I think I might just take her to my apartment to get my shag on.

Dude Two: Yeah she's a real boxerhound, can't get enough dick. You might have to call out of work because you're sore if she gets a hold of you.
by chuckiesuptownwhore December 25, 2012

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A box hound is someone that enjoys eating chicks out.
Girlfriend: You've been down there an hour, isn't your tongue sore.

Boyfriend: Naw, I'm a box hound. I'd love licking you all day.
by chuckiesuptownwhore December 25, 2012

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