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white people who like hip hop.
some over react and talk black and do other stuf black people would do though you dont have to act black if you are a wigga.
There a sound(if you not from uk this means ok)wiggaz that dont act black and just listen to hip hop and dress hip hop but dont tawk like ther black.
Im a sound wigga.
Wiggas:LOL i was once in the hip hop shop and i heard a white guy(in glasgow by he way which is in scotland)yo you in the hood on his phone.
Im a sound wigga,hang around with blacks to but a dont talk like am black there aint no need.
I also did come from a fucked up place called castlemilk(AKA cassymanky if u from glasgow u would know this) which is a low kinda place in glasgow.
by chrisy boi October 03, 2006
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