2 definitions by chrisp858

Angry white man #1: Look at that damn beaner drawing his dag'gun graffiti all over my wall

Angry white man #2: He ain't no beaner, he's a beansprout
by chrisp858 March 24, 2008
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A truck (usually a full size pickup such as a Ford F150 or 250, or a Nissan Titan) lifted to excessive/useless heights with flashy wheels and over sized mud tires. They have the appearance of an off road truck, but rarely see dirt. Usually driven by Bros.

Can often be seen in southern California, parked in front of your local 4WheelParts.
Bro: Yo dawg my truck is gnar. Wanna get high?
Real 'froader: Get that disco truck P.O.S. out of here.
by chrisp858 January 14, 2008
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