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The story of Leena Park:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl called Leena.

She has the prettiest eyes, nose and lips that taste of heaven. Her voice is so sexy it makes men all over the world jizz in their pants. She also has an amazing body, with skin as soft as snow, probably softer because I don't know what snow feels like, and nice legs. She's also very kind, caring and funny. Her hair smells wonderful and she is the bestest friend or girlfriend anyone can ever have. There is no one in the world as rad as Leena Park.
Shizzle Dang! I love Leena Park!
by chrismith August 16, 2010

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adj. A word invented by Chris Smith that means super awesomely fucking raddest coolest bangin shit ever.
Often used in situations when descrbing something so awesome that it is undescribabubble.
Shizzle Dang! this is the meanest ice-cream!
by Chrismith July 20, 2010

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