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One of the fastest growing schools in Loudoun County. Next year (2011-2012) Freedom High School will be the largest populated school in Loudoun. Everybody thinks that Freedom sucks and I mean, it's not the best place in the world, but I think that people overexaggrate. I'm a sophomore at FHS and it's really not that bad here, but there are a few major issues. 1) Everybody who moves to Freedom hates it because we're all "snobs & sluts". 2) The boys here won't go out with a girl unless she IS a slut or she's just a tease. 3) All of the boys think that the girls who aren't sluts are ugly, even though the boys here aren't exactly Jake Gyllenhaal. 4) The lax players think that they're the best things to ever walk the planet. 5) Students here always complain about how much they hate Freedom because it's so boring and stupid, but when they are asked for their oppinion or asked what to change they ignore it and don't do anything about it and then they complain about it again. 6) The boys (white, black, spanish, middle easteren, asian, indian, mixed) NEED to stop wearing their pants so low and to stop pretending that they are a ganster. Now, I realize that my list pretty much makes me sound like I also hate FHS, but I really don't. Most of the people are nice and friendly, there are some bitchs and jerks, but what people really need to do here is to open their eyes and think about someone other than themselves.
*Freedom High School Boy walks up to FHS girl wearing pants down exposing boxers*
Boy: Yo.
*Girl wants to laugh, but she thinks that the boy is cute*
Girl: Hey.
*Looks girl up and down suggestively*
Boy: I'm likin what I see, how about we go get some McDee's.
*Girl rolls eyes*
Girl: Don't you realize that we live in South Riding, VA?
*Boy walks away embarrassed*
Boy 2: Yo dawg what happened?
Boy: Man, I'm too good for her.
*Boy 2 looks at girl*
Boy 2: Man you right, she ugly.
by chris43484 March 14, 2011

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First of all: Old Faithful is NOT in Yosemite, it's in Yellowstone...Yosemite is an amazing and beautiful place. It's where nature and people can come together and for the most part live peacefully amongst each other. Black bears, deer, eagles, mountain lions, and other birds and rodents can be found at Yosemite. Squirrels are very popular. If you're looking for a bear, it's not too hard to find one. Deer are very used to humans, but you can never trust a wild animal. Respect the park's animals and you should be fine. Yosemite has some amazing waterfalls and rivers, but they are seasonal waterfalls so the best time to view Bridalveil Falls or Yosemite Falls would be in the Spring. But be very careful many people try to climb on the slippery rocks to get a closer view of the waterfalls. People have died from climbing rocks by waterfalls or from swimming in the lakes so be very cautious. If you go to Yosemite you will most likely be staying in the valley. You can see all of the outstanding rock formations from around the park. Half Dome and El Capitan are very popular The viewing spots are a good idea if you're looking for a good family picture or just an amazing picture. There are many activities in Yosemite, hiking, camping, swimming, rock climbing, rafting, skiing, horseback riding, nature watching. The tour guides are informative; they tell a lot of interesting stories. Glacier Point is a spot that everyone who goes to Yosemite should see.
Yosemite National Park is an amazing experience. Everyone should go there at least once in their life. I'm definitely going back.

Warning: If you go to Yosemite, watch out of bears and other animals that cross the roads because many bears are killed or orphaned each year. They put of signs where bears have been hit and killed by cars.
by chris43484 March 14, 2011

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