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The scientific term in which an individual becomes so engrossed in finishing homework that a feeling of considerable relief (orgasm) is achieved when finished. This feeling of relief is made up of both pride and self achievement. This "hw orgasm" is similar to it's sexual counterpart and sometimes involve the same feelings listed above, but they are vastly different in that a hw sex orgasm usually involves one person but is not considered a mastabatory derivative.
Hey Francis what did you finish the Math assignment from Wednesday? Nah, I really need to get some hw sex; I've been having a dry spell lately and the test is coming up.
by chemist de grey July 26, 2010
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A disastrous hairstyle normally due to a tragic trip to a hair salon. This could be due to lack of experience on the stylists' behalf or a customer insisting to have a certain cut but not being aware that it doesn't suite their appearance. A hairaster could be known to the individual (who will normally try to hide the said disaster) or the individual could be completely ignorant of the ensuing eyesore.

Other possible methods of obtaining a hairaster are: having a bad bad hair day, waking up late with no time to get ready, or a poor choice of "taking a risk."

Normally your friends won't even mention the extreme change in hair lifestyle, but will openly discuss it not in your presence. It is also mandatory of your friends to take pictures and send to other friends in order to both warn them and give them an opportunity to think of something whitty.
Hey Janie, did you get that picture of Annette's hair I sent you? OMG yes, total hairaster!!!
by chemist de grey July 26, 2010
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