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Although I myself do not enjoy the YU GI OH anime and/or manga, I sympathize with fans in saying "WHAT THE HELL DID YUGIOH DO TO DESERVE THIS?!"
Also, Shaman King fans, including myself, turn red in the face when they think of the butchered anime. Ren=Lenny. Manta=mortimer. Ryu=Rio. Anna sounds like a valley girl. She sounds like she will say "LYKE OMG A PRADA BAG" at any second. Manta sounds like a ... well ... gnome ... ? And Ryu ... *shudders* What is that? A french or Spanish accent? I sure as hell can't tell! Ren sounds like he's going off to tea and crumpets with the queen at any second instead of fighting.
I've seen the voice cast for Naruto and lemme tell ya ... praise insert divine being of worship here that the bastards at 4kids are finally getting the message to STOP KILLING ANIME!
"I've got an idea guys ... let's find anybody who speaks English as a first, second, or THIRD language, put them in a studio for anime ... purposely mismatch the mouthflaps!"
"OOOH OOOOOH!! I've got one, too! Let's change the names to the corniest ones we can think of!"
"YAY! And then we can call our company ..."
"4KIDS! CAUSE IT'S FOR KIDS! EVEN THOUGH IN JAPAN IT'S FOR TEENS! And kids these days think it's cool to substitute a '4' for the word 'for'"
"Yeah, guys, we're so cool"
-4 Kids executives.
by cheesypoofs! April 05, 2005
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