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babytard is the youngest daughter of shaycarl; famous youtuber and vlogger who owns the shaytards channel. Famous throughout the world for being on James Blunt's CD album, she will proudly exclaim this every time she goes to Walmart.

Hobbies include 'hewicopta', picking her nose, sucking her thumb, dancing, gymnastics, and singing to the camera, with her most famous rendition being "when you're happy and you know-smile!"

babytard's personality is very bubbly, and although she is not always fully understood, she visibly shares a very strong bond of love with her parents and siblings.
Charlie: omg did you see babytard sing 'if you're happy and you know it' the other day? i was in stitches!
Noob: lol, what?

Shay: Babytard, are you picking your nose again??
Babytard: nooooo :)
*removes finger before returning to the mine 5 seconds later*

Katilette: Babytard, are you sucking your thumb again??
Babytard: nooooo :)
*removes thumb before returning it to mouth 5 seconds later*
by charlieo:) April 12, 2011

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