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i think the whole thing with abercrombie & fitch is that people who dont really want to invest the time and money in their appearance but want to look at least okay go there. Anything kind of clothing store that only carries one brand and charges 80 dollars for a pair of jeans is inexpensive. it is however, overpriced for the quality of the goods. most designer goods use italian, japanese, american, or zimbabwe denim, abercrombie jeans are manufactured in mexico. abercrombie is somewhat obstentatious and heavily over designed. It lacks taste. It does fit well, and people who wear it look fine. If you want to assert a higher level of fashion and taste than fine, go to bloomingdales, saks, or henri bendle for women.
abercrombie & fitch appeals to lower middle persons who are of new wealth and want to assert a wealthy image. It's very jen-jure yet overdesigned.
by chappaqua resident2 September 30, 2006
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midddle to upper middle class suburb with rural overtones. It has a farm called muscoot. Located 32.4 miles from Grand Central, one has to endure a 53 minute train ride to access the city. The local highschool's academic ratings have fallen every year according to newsweek. 23rd best 2003, 42nd 2004,and now 62nd for 2005. vannessa l. williams and the clintions live here, which seems to make residents feel better about themselves. neighboring towns like bedford, greenwich, and mount kisco also have famous residents.
i dont have an example. i have to use the chappaqua for the computer to let me post this definition. chappaqua.
by chappaqua resident2 September 26, 2006
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