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marysol is usually a female that has a great body, nice facce features and long healthy hair. She is very brilliant & smart and also talented. She’s very nice and caring she loves to smile a lot. She loves to read books and loves to do things her way. she’s usually confident ,cocky and a narcissist. she loves herself so much she doesn’t need a man, she’ll drop them in a second. marysol loves nature, music and art & is never afraid of competition. marysol has a great type in men and is also very good in bed. she’s is better than any female you’ll date in your life.
marysol is so pretty no female could compete.
by catlover3 December 6, 2021
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being alone in group of people even when its your own friends.
oh look daniel is always in the back no ever notices him he looks left out .
by catlover3 December 6, 2021
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