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'''Carl Mygind''' was a Norwegian Primatologist, mostly known for his controversial studies on the orangutan's sexual behaviours. Little is known about Mygind because he lived a big part of his life among apes in Malaysia. The main controversy around his work was caused by his book named simply " The Orangutan's Sexual Behaviours". In this book, a whole chapter was devoted to " The sexual encounter between apes and men". In this part of the book, Mygind describes several sexual acts that he performed with male and female oranguntans. Carl Mygind got AIDS exactly 100 years after his birth. Some say he is the origin to the famous myth that HIV] can be "created" from ape/human intercourse.
carl mygind - i got aids

jon - OMG you boned a monkey
by carlocarl September 17, 2007

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